I changed the formatting of the guide to make it easier (I think, ha ha) to follow.  Take a look & tell me what you think, please! I’ve had over 100 views already and only two replies – while I do appreciate the views, feedback is what will assist me in moving forward.  If you hate it – TRUST ME –  I’m not thin skinned.  I can take it!  But say SOMETHING! 🙂


Afternoon my lovelies! I’m testing out two things today: a new app I downloaded from the Apple App Store, and posting to WordPress via email.

My new app (which I’ll write a quick review on today) allows me to create quick & easy step by step guides to do ANYTHING, and the guides can be shared via email. I thought this would be an ideal way to save myself some time, rather than posting my how to within the app, then rewriting it all on my blog. I’d GREATLY appreciate your feedback – is the guide easily accessible? Was it easy to follow & understand? Is this a format you’d be interested in seeing from here on out?
I already know what *I* think about it – and the feedback & opinions of others are invaluable. Not everyone thinks the same way, so please, let me know in the comments what works and what doesn’t.

Thank you, as always, for reading!

Click here for the step by step guide I made: How to cook Cajun Chicken Fricassee.