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I was messing around on Pinterest the other day & ran across a chore chart that I really liked.

First, you should know that I’m a list person. I make lists of everything, including lists of lists I want to make later. It’s a scary spiral. It’s equal parts the need to have visual evidence that I’m DOING SOMETHING and the desire to combat chaos. In the past year, I’ve gone from caring for one adult (me) and one child in an 800 square foot condo … To caring for two adults, four children, and a house thisclose to five times the size of my condo.

Trust me when I say, mama needs lists of things. Not just any list will do, though. It has to be specific. Anything too vague & my ADHD addled brain shuts down immediately. “Nope, too overwhelming, I’ll file that in the magical land of Deal With It Later.” What I liked about this particular to-do list was the specificity: this room on this day, these tasks, this timeframe. Finally, something manageable! I quickly made my own, modeled after the one I saw on Pinterest, of course modified to fit my house.

And you know what? It WORKED! Something so simple as cutting the enormity of my housekeeping down into bite-sized pieces allowed me to tackle the list with gusto. My list demon is satisfied, having crossed off everything I had scheduled for myself today. My panic person is silenced, knowing the “undone” things I see are SCHEDULED for another day! I can relax! And my kitchen & dining room (Monday’s stuff) are SPARKLING.