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I received an inbox message today on Snapguide. It said the following:

“You are gorgeous! Sorry, I just thought I’d let you know! :)”

This post serves two purposes:

1. To brag that a total stranger said I was pretty. (My esteem of self has been a lot (by a lot I mean completely) in the toilet lately, so cut me some slack, ok?)

2. To solicit opinions re: the copious use of “sorry” in our current vernacular. In this example, why be sorry for giving a compliment? At large, I hear a ton of “I’m sorry” for the strangest things.

“I stubbed my toe.” “I’m sorry!”
“The store was out of milk.” “I’m sorry!”

I suppose it’s intended as verbal shorthand for “I’m sorry to hear that,” however in general I avoid use of “I’m sorry.”

I’m sorry = I am sorry = I am a sorry person. Which I. Am. NOT.

I’m quite sure I’ve been pegged as rude & mannerless for my tacit refusal to apologize for things. I don’t ignore what my friends issue is, I just don’t say “I’m sorry.” I’ll say, “oh, that DOES hurt! Are you ok now?” And “Man, that’s a pain! Do you still need milk? You’re welcome to mine.”

I’m not judging; I’m not looking down upon or sideways at; I simply want to understand. Is it just a habit? I’m not questioning the underlying intention – I get that. I get that it’s a way of connecting, saying “I hear you.” What I’m curious about is that specific choice of words.

Your thoughts?

Oh and let me toss this out there: if you read this and feel defensive or angry … That’s ego telling you you’re being attacked, which just ain’t the case, Mabel. I’m asking openly, reply in kind. 🙂